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We support companies by offering a wide range of IT services.
We promote the development of your business, reducing costs, improving your management and providing tools that will allow you to work in a professional, reliable and safety way.
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The solution to your IT problems. We will take care of them.

Depending on the needs of your company, you can choose to receive onsite support, remotely or you can have a mixed system.

Reduce your operating costs.
Concentrate and allocate your staff in oreder to achive true objectives of your business.
Trust in our IT professionals.
Our technicians will provide all the support you are needing.
Improve the management of your company.
You can better control all aspects related to IT. Asset Management, Software Licensing, Warranty Management, etc.

IT Security

Prevent theft or loss of your valuable information.

Our staff of technicians will provide all the support that your company is needing to prevent the theft of data from your bank accounts, credit cards, passwords, work-related documents, etc.

We protect your data and assets.
We prevent your information from falling into unwanted hands. We protect your valuable information so that your company is covered against any external attack or by a mere accident.
We detect and correct the vulnerabilities of your systems.
We will analyze, diagnose and correct all those risk factors that are present in your company.
To work safely, we protect:
Confidentiality: Only authorized users can access their resources, data and information.
Integrity: Only authorized users should be able to modify their data when necessary.
Availability: Data should be available to users when necessary.
Authentication: The identity of a person or device will be provided.


We offer solutions for the problems that IT represents for your company.

For each area and IT problem, we have solutions to offer. With our support, your company and staff will recieve a greatly benefit.

We offer consulting in various IT areas:
Infrastructure in general, Hardware, Software, Security, Communications, Asset Management, Policies, etc.
We solve IT problems and complexities.
We help companies keeping them updated on critical aspects of the business, like the integration of new technologies, computer security, improvements in the management of IT assets, etc.
We optimize human and technical resources.
We collaborate with companies to keep their staff focused on the business aim's.

Applications development

We develop applications and web sites that will fit your real needs.

Our applications will allow you to automate processes, improve your management and reduce your operating costs. For those new companies that want to make themselves known, our company also specializes in WEB design.

Our software tailored to your needs.
We have a programmer's team trained in developing software for different platforms in different languages.
We develop desktop applications, for mobile, etc.
We offer customized solutions, locally and in the cloud. We develop solutions with cutting-edge technologies tailored to your company. Users can access them from the device that suits them.
We develop web pages, E-commerce sites, etc.
We develop websites and graphic design tailored to your needs, adapting to the corporate image of your company. You can offer your institutional page, product catalog, E-commerce, etc.

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We have presence in 3 Latin America countries: Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay

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More than 100 small, medium and large companies have our support

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In areas like Infrastructure, Outsourcing, Websites, Mobile applications, Internet Security, etc.

Support 360, solutions for all areas of Information Technology.

We offer onsite and remote technical support for all companies, Consulting and Training services, we provide infrastructure, we detect vunerabilities in the facilities and systems, we design and promote websites, we develop local and cloud applications for different devices.
Does your company need qualified technical support?

With our specialized technical team we are offering innovative and versatile solutions. We are the ideal complement for any company to guarantee the success of your business.

Do you need to reduce unnecessary costs?

Save money by having our specialized onsite support. Your human resources will be exclusively dedicated to the execution of all the goals set by the company's management.

Do you want your new business to be visible?

We offer multiple options, from the development and implementation of your website to the dissemination and publicity of the products or services offered therein.