Support 360 adapts to the needs of your company.

Support 360 offers onsite, remote and mixed support solutions.

Support 360, the team of IT technicians that your company needs.

Our IT Outsourcing services are a very attractive option for high performance companies, when these activities are not essential for your business core.

IT Infrastructure Outsourcing services allow organizations to manage in a more profitable and efficient way that offers greater stability and reliability, as well as offering a rapid response and adaptation to changes in the market and business conditions.
Large companies invest time, talent and capital to develop certain skills that will distinguish them from their competitors.
IT infrastructure management is a great facilitator of business success.
Countless studies confirm the tendency of companies to increase their productivity and decrease their operating costs. Outsourcing satisfies that dual objective: in addition to reducing costs, IT infrastructure outsourcing provides a flexible and adaptive management model, which allows organizations to stay away from the complexities and constant changes in IT environments.

Custom Outsourcing Service

We take care of the support:

  • Of desktops and laptops configurations.
  • We configure the network, its security devices and servers.
  • We support the information.
  • We install and configure peripheral equipment (printers, scanners, fingerprint readers, etc.)
  • We offer preventive and corrective maintenance of installed systems.
  • We assign a duly qualified technician so that with a frequency to agree with the client, visit the site proceeding to attend aspects such as:
    • The analysis and detection of failures, errors and vulnerabilities in the equipment.
    • Software updates.
    • Antivirus updates and execution.
    • Verify the operation of the backup system.
    • Preventive maintenance tasks.
    • Stock control of supplies (toner, etc.)
    • Warranty Management.
    • Make recommendations and provide reports aimed at optimizing existing resources and implementing improvements.
  • We provide remote support and we also have a guard system to deal with emergencies that may occur when our technician is not present, on non-working days or after office hours.

Specialized Outsourcing Service

In addition to the aforementioned services, we add:

  • Server Management.
  • Hardware technical service whose purpose is to ensure continuity in the operation of the most critical computer elements, through the provision of skilled labor.
  • Advice on perimeter security systems (firewalls).
  • Support to users in the most frequently used applications of Office products (Word, Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint).
  • Trainings related to information security.
  • Communication of new threats.
  • Repair of data cables, patches.

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