We improve the performance of the information flow of your organization.

We perform controls of your systems.

We protect your company's information.

We protect your data

Protecting your company's data is a priority task for us.
We identify the information and critical data whose loss or deterioration could cause great damage. For this we analyze the vulnerabilities, the different possibilities of a serious incident and we propose the implementation of the most convenient solutions.
Our computer tools will allow us to perform precise analyzes and diagnoses about the current security status of your network and computer systems.

We take care of:

Protect your company from damage that could be caused by viruses, malware or other threatsProtect your company from damage that could be caused by viruses, malware or other threats

Prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing your company's network.

Analyze the accesses, confirm that the permissions are correctly assigned and implemented.

Create backup routines, determining which is the most appropriate system for your company.

Prevent outsiders from intercepting and accessing the data together with password management.

Ensure that the activity of your company is not interrupted by any computer problem, ensuring business continuity.

The review of all the previous aspects together with the management of your company.

Review / establish an access monitoring system.

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